Wizard Of Oz

Dorothy’s reversible house is showing the before and after of a major tornado in Kansas. This piece is on wheels and can be moved off stage easily. 3D wood trim and great artistic painting make this unique piece is a must have for your Oz production.
Dorothy’s reversible house is showing after of a major tornado in Kansas.
These incredible gates are operable whereby the center pieces roll inside the outside pieces. There is also a functional window on the right-side gate. When the gates are open, both pieces can roll off stage separately and easily. They have a very dynamic jade green finish with gold and silver trim and look great under the lights.
Gates showing functional window on the right-side gate.
These cellar doors are operable and allow actors to crawl inside. It is also mobile for easy moving while also having brakes for safety.
This machine has operable levers, panels, and a side power switch. It is also on wheels for easy moving. Great 3D affects and is painted with a dingy gray faux finish.
This cart is marvelous because of all its opening panels and authentic look. With two side panels and rear opening for storage, this cart can carry the needs of any customer. It has many uses as the Professor Marvels sign is removable. Multi-functional for a variety of productions.
This piece can easily hold a person on both the top and on the slanted front portion. It features a fence to provide support for scarecrow. This piece is mobile and has brakes to roll off stage and keep it in place.
This reversible fence panel switches from the white picket to the farmland fence boards. There are 2 of these panels available
Reverse fence panel showing farmland fence boards.