I met Keith Allen four shows ago, after my stage director saw his work at a thespian conference. We were just beginning production on Guys and Dolls, when I got the call that changed how I have planned sets for every show since. The sets Keith had already made for another production of the same show were spectacular. Not only did they look great, they were sturdy, well made, and easy to move. Everyone commented on how fabulous the show looked.

The first thing I did when we began the next show was to give my friend Keith a call. I knew what I wanted the show to look like, but I had no way to build it properly. I needed gates for the front of Wonka’s factory. Knowing what Keith was capable of, I drew a picture of what I wanted and sent it to him. We spoke a few times about design and materials, and then as if by magic they appeared a month later at our venue. I almost cried when I saw the gates in person, so much better than I had imagined.

Keith Allen is the guy every creative person wishes they had in their lives. His ability to understand and create masterpieces, from my rudimentary drawings and adjective filled conversations, is truly amazing. The Bye Bye Birdie boxes and The Lion King’s Pride Rock are two more examples of the genius work he has done for me. I consider Keith, and his work, a necessary component to all our shows.

D Knudson, Producer
Georgia Singers Co.

I had sets made for my production of thoroughly modern mille. The sets needed to work for my particular space, which isn’t very large, but still allow us some versatility to be used for different scenes. Keith built the sets to do just that, so we were able to not only fit the sets in our space, but also to turn them different ways to allow for scene changes. This way, we were utilizing more than just the fronts of the set pieces. The thing I appreciated so much about working with Keith is that he made sure every piece was safe for the kids, and that’s so important when working with students in theater. The sets were very professional looking, and added so much to our production. I also appreciated, Keith’s attention to detail, because that’s very important to me. I like for my sets to be 3D, not just painted to look 3D. Even the smallest set piece wasn’t ignored when it came to detailing it to make it look authentic for the show.

Kathryn Winchell, Director of Production Arts
King’s Ridge Christian School

After using Set the Stage and consulting Keith through my community theater, I knew I could depend on him for my school’s production of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.” Keith was very quick to reply to my request and give me an idea of the set pieces’s dimensions so I could prepare my cast. My absolute favorite part about working with Keith is he delivers, sets up, and touches up all the pieces you rent from him. And every item is easy to move and doesn’t take more than 2-3 crew members to strike or set. It makes set-up and break down so easy when you have to rent a venue. I also trust the construction of every set piece. I always worry about my cast and crew’s safety but when I have Set The Stage pieces on my stage, I worry a little less. You can tell Keith takes great pride in his work and it is fully merited. Every time I work with him, he comes with a smile on his face, excited to show me his amazing creations. He also built two sets of stairs that were customized for our school’s platforms which we were able to purchase for future use. I could go on and on because I really do love working with Keith and his son and would recommend them to anyone in any type of theater space. He’ll “set” you up:)

Annie Hale, B.A., M.A.T. US History, High School and Middle School Drama Director, International Thespian Society Troupe Director
Point University Dual Enrollment

Set the Stage is the company we go to for ALL set design needs. Not only is the quality unmatched, the creativity to execute within the parameters of stage dimensions, limitations and mobility continually surpass all expectations. Attention to budget is always considered without sacrifice of final product. Willingness to find solutions is welcomed with open communication met with realistic feedback. Set the Stage is the best in specialty, unique pieces that make each production unique and memorable.

Holly Krig-Smith, Director of Fine Arts
King’s Ridge Christian School

We were THRILLED with our sets from “Set The Stage”! All of the pieces were extremely well-constructed and the artwork was amazingly realistic! Thank you, “Set The Stage” for giving our cast an incredibly beautiful canvas to perform within!

Tim and Reed Christian
Dean Rusk Middle School