Matilda complete set with all pieces included. 2 gate sections with center house, library / bedroom, library / family room, 2 block structures, chalkboard, His / Hers shower fixtures, up to 12 student desks, and Trunchbull’s desk.
2 independent rolling gate sections with simulated rock columns and removable alphabet blocks. This piece is reversible to library with a center house structure with operable doors to emulate a closet area.
Rolling stained alphabet block units are excellent decoration for each side of the stage and work well as perches or sitting areas for actors. There are 2 matching fixtures available
Reversible rolling library / blue bedroom backdrop piece comes with Matilda’s twin bed and nightstand.
Reversible rolling library / orange family Room backdrop piece comes with couch and end table.
His and Hers Shower fixtures roll independently and held together with a fold down shelf
Chalkboard for classroom scene
Vintage look student desks are perfect for the classroom scene. Up to 12 desks are available
Miss Trunchbull’s desk consists of a mobile platform complete with a desk, shelves above, trophy props and a vintage office chair