Mary Poppins

Magnificent reversible mobile house set consisting of 3 individual houses and 1 mobile rooftop piece. All 4 pieces can satisfy any scene required for this fabulous production. As seen here, these pieces can be used as a group or individually. Used as a group with doors closed, you can connect a row of 3 houses exteriors emulating a street. With houses reversed, you can produce an incredible park scene with hand painted landscapes. Each piece can be opened individually as scenes require to produce the perfect setting. The center house with the “Grand Study”, is a wow piece when it opens. It contains a fireplace with mantle, stocked bookcases and accessories create a very detailed backdrop. The “Nursery” house on the left creates an adorable scene and includes 2 windows, nightstand, beds and an operable door. Finally, the “Kitchen” house on the right is complete with sunk cabinet, collapsible table, tilting trick bookcase with retractable plates and a non-functioning door. This set is all that you need to make your Mary Poppins production a huge success!
This reversible “Nursery” house showcases an adorable nursery with a center window, a side door, window, and a nightstand. On the reversed side is one of the three pieces that turns into the park scene from Mary Poppins. This house is mobile for easy set changes.
This reversible “Study” house showcases a warm and cozy study. With its two bookcases (with book paneling and decorations attached), center fireplace, and center mirror; this house brings a nice and warm feeling to the audience. This is a very special piece that will “wow” your audience. This house is mobile for easy set changes.
This reversible “Kitchen” house showcases the splendid and magical kitchen. With a collapsing and retractable table and falling cupboard with retractable plates, this house will really bring Mary’s magic to life. Both the table and the cabinet with plates are able to rise up and return to their original state at a moment’s notice.
This reversible “Rooftop” house combines both a rooftop and Mrs Corry’s word store. This rooftop can support multiple people and features a hidden ladder on the side. On reverse side, there are 2 larger than life letters and an independent rolling counter top with a metal whiteboard for magnetic letters. This is all you will need for Mrs. Corry’s word store.