Legally Blonde

This complete Beauty Shop unit includes beautician’s char, 2 hair dryers and accessories as shown. Approximate Dimensions are 12’ width x 8’ height.

This dingy old camper was originally created for “Legally Blonde”. It does roll and is available with the accessories shown if desired. This piece consists of the fascia as shown and is open in the rear. Approximate dimensions are 11’ length and 4’ depth.
This Judge and Witness Stand unit is very versatile for a wide variety of productions. Approximate Dimensions are 8’ width x 4’ depth x 4’ height.

This Door and Stair unit was originally created for “Legally Blonde” as Elle’s Dorm Room Door. However, it can be painted and transformed to create an elevated door scene to a room or apartment if desired. This piece is designed to roll and the door is operable with a small platform behind the door for entry. Approximate Dimensions are 12’ width x 6’ depth x 11’ height.

Mobile Mirrors - These mobile see-through mirrors are great pieces and are very creative. These work well on-stage during dance numbers. Finished in multiple shades of pink, they really jump out under the lights. There are up to 10 available. 30” wide and 70” tall