Fiddler on the Roof

This is the perfect Tevye’s house. It is rustic on one face featuring functioning door and window, rock chimney, front porch, simulated shake roof and firewood. This piece is mobile for easy set changes.
Tevye’s house. Reversed side, creates the perfect backdrop with realistic fireplace, open beams, and faux finish walls
Tevye’s house. Hidden ladder providing access on to the roof platform giving Tevye the ability to play on the roof and even prop or sit on the chimney
This rolling cart has an authentic look and works perfectly for this production. It pushes or pulls easily and is open on each end for versatility. Lightweight and easy to move on and off stage.
Table and Bench sets, light and easy to carry on and off stage with two people per set, yet sturdy and strong enough to dance on top of. They are stained to look old, vintage and period correct. Shown here with Newsies main stage