Three piece structure set to depict an old medieval village with center castle. This set includes 2 each Tudor style house structures at stage left and right. Each of these grand pieces are L shaped and measure approx. 6’x6’x10’ height. The large center piece is finished to depict a castle and measures 6’ width x 3’ depth x 12’ height. All 3 structures are reversible to change the scene to the interior of Cinderella’s mothers worn and dilapidated castle, which is finished in a worn jade green finish to set the tone for the evil nature of Cinderella’s family. The structure at stage right includes an incredible fireplace for Cinderella as well as an operable door. Center castle piece includes a realistic bookcase.
This center tunnel is reversible and on wheels for easy transitions. On one side there is the exterior view of a dark tunnel for the castle while the other side reveals a cupboard for various prop placements. Center castle structure from 3pc village set. See description above.
Reversible village house structure at stage right, includes fireplace. See above “3 piece village” for full description.
Reversible village house structure at stage left, includes fireplace. See above “3 piece village” for full description.
Fairy God mother herself could not have created a more beautiful carriage for Cinderella. This majestic piece is capable of carrying 2 actors inside, a driver as well as a footman. A folding front draw bar is also included to accommodate up to 3 horse actors. This carriage’s finishes depict royalty using metallic golds, silvers, and white, and include a golden crown cap. Hidden casters make it easy movable on stage.
This throne room is fit for any King or Queen. With the star filled night sky in the window, this king and queen will be shining as bright as any star. This throne room comes with both King and Queen thrones chairs and removable front step. The entire structure is on casters and is easily rolled on and off stage.
Rolling shrubbery props beautifully cut out and painted, providing screens for actors to hid and pop up from behind
Beautifully painted reversible fountain can provide a wide variety of functionality. One face depicts a beautiful elegant fountain, while the reverse side gives the feel of a quaint village fountain with faux tile background. Each side includes a ledge capable of supporting multiple actors seated. This piece is mobile and is easily rolled on and off stage