Grand freestanding palladium windows constructed of wood with open window panes. This piece is lightweight and easily carried on and off stage. Piece is reversible pained white on face and black on backside. 2 available
Decorative mobile art deco subway sign finished in metallic gold with black lettering. This piece is capped with a decorative green and yellow globe.
This Window Wall Backdrop is the perfect setting for Warbuck’s office. This wall unit measures 10’ width x 9’ height and is on casters for easy entry/exit on stage.
FDR style antique wood wheelchair with original patina intact. Chair is fully functional and makes a great prop for FDR or any other early 20th century wheelchair need.

This grand marble staircase is one to awe at. The red painted carpet a long with the marble painting gives a very elegant appearance. It is fully mobile and has wagon brakes for stability. This piece is multi-functional and can be used in a wide variety of productions.

Park Bench - Metal bench has great effect when used for central park with street lamp scene. Length 5ft
Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree - This is a mobile reversible piece (other side is the Empire State Building) measuring an incredible 8’ width x 16’ height. On casters for easy turning and placement on / off stage. The scenic painting here will wow you!